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Online Reading Programs, to help your learner read! Research-based and proven strategies that will help both our learners and their adults build reading skills to turn kids into THRIVING readers.

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Hey, I’m Kaley!

I am so happy that you’re here! Hey, I’m Kaley and I’m a literacy specialist, former Kindergarten teacher, and an imperfect mom to 4 young kids.

Let's help your kids learn how to read with simple, hands-on ideas following the Science of Reading.

As a mom and a teacher, I get it. It’s not always easy to find ways to help our kids read (and write).

Truth is - reading MUST be taught. It takes time, but with proper instruction, guidance, and (some) commitment, we can do it!
Each child CAN learn. It is up to us to TEACH kids HOW to read.

I’m here to help you! Let's get started :)