30 Easter Themed activities for Kids!

30 Easter Themed activities for Kids!

Easter is a fun and exciting time of year, especially for young children. With spring in full swing and Easter festivities underway, there are plenty of fun activities that kids of all ages can enjoy. Here are 30 fun and easy activities that are perfect for toddlers, pre-kindergarten, homeschool and kindergarten kids to do this Easter season.

  • Easter Egg Hunt – Hide Easter eggs around your house or backyard for a fun and exciting egg hunt.
  • Decorate Easter Eggs – Use paint, markers, stickers, or even natural dye to decorate Easter eggs.
  • Easter Egg Race – Set up a relay race using spoons and Easter eggs. (Check out an Easter Egg timer HERE)
  • Easter Bunny Hop – Have children hop around like bunnies in a game of Easter Bunny Hop.
  • Easter Storytelling – Read books about the Easter holiday, including the story of Jesus and the resurrection.
  • Easter Bingo – Play a game of Easter-themed bingo with printable bingo cards.Check out this FREE printable HERE
  • Easter Memory Match – Print out Easter-themed memory match cards for a fun game of concentration. Check out this FREE printable here
  • Easter Word Search – Print out Easter-themed word search puzzles for kids to complete. Free word searches HERE
  • Easter Basket Craft – Create personalized Easter baskets using paper plates and decorations. 
  • Easter Chick Craft – Create an adorable Easter chick using a paper plate and craft supplies. Check out these freebies! 
  • Easter Egg Carton Craft – Make a colorful Easter egg carton using egg cartons and paint.
  • Easter Egg Ornaments – Create Easter egg ornaments using plastic Easter eggs and paint.
  • Easter Egg Sun Catchers – Make colorful Easter egg sun catchers using tissue paper and contact paper.
  • Easter Chick Finger Puppets – Create Easter chick finger puppets using felt and glue.
  • Easter Bunny Pencil Toppers – Make Easter bunny pencil toppers using pipe cleaners and pom poms.
  • Easter Bunny Masks – Create Easter bunny masks using paper plates and other craft supplies.
  • Easter Finger Painting – Have fun finger painting Easter-themed art.
  • Easter Egg Shakers – Make musical Easter egg shakers using plastic eggs and rice.
  • Easter Egg Toss – Set up a game of Easter egg toss using plastic Easter eggs.
  • Bunny Hopscotch – Create a bunny hopscotch using sidewalk chalk.
  • Easter Bunny Bowling – Set up a game of Easter bunny bowling using plastic bottles and a ball.
  • Easter Egg Relay – Set up a relay race using plastic Easter eggs.
  • Easter Egg Decorating Contest – Have a friendly competition to see who can create the best decorated Easter egg.
  • Easter Piñata – Make an Easter piñata using paper mache and fill with treats.
  • Easter Bunny Bread – Bake homemade bread in the shape of an Easter bunny.

These 30 fun and easy activities are perfect for keeping toddlers, pre-kindergarten, homeschool, and kindergarten kids busy and entertained this Easter season. Whether it’s crafting, playing games, or baking, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and enjoy this special holiday. Let me know what you think of them and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@leapingintolearning)

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