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Reading Strategies That Work!?

My top 5 reading strategies to help you and your little readers with the tools they need to read confidently!

I know, I get it… You’re looking for quick and easy reading strategies for your kids – that WORK!  Perhaps you’re a parent, perhaps you’re a teacher… Like me, you wan to give kids the best opportunity to become strong and confident readers.

Phonics + Phonological Awareness: Why This Matters!

Take the mystery out of helping your kid read.

Methods of teaching have changed over the years, research shows that teaching phonics is most important.

Introducing phonemes (sounds of letters and combinations of letters).  By developing phonemic awareness our readers will know how to break down words into sounds and piece them back together to read many new words easily.

The Secret Sauce… Making Predictions

This one is fun!  You can use this strategy at various points of your reader’s journey – before they start to read, when you are the one reading to them or when they start reading themselves.

Connecting real-life connections to the book or text allows your little reader to start to think about their own world and how it relates to what they are reading.

Follow my simple guide to help your kids make predictions when they read.

Comprehension Is Key

When we think about teaching reading strategies to our students and our own kids, we have One Big Goal… That they will understand what they read! 

By having your reader think about the meaning behind what they are reading they will start to make connections with how the book relates to them and their world. 

This checklist helps you spark a light bulb for your little reader!  Knowing how to ask the right question before, during and after can make a world of difference for your reader’s comprehension.

The Magic Of Pairing Reading And Writing

Reading and Writing are a winning combination. Having your Kindergarten child write about what they have read helps to reinforce the meaning of the book. I like to use a writing checklist to help my kids think about what they need to include in their writing. I have enclosed a copy of it inside my free E-book for you… along with my number 1 top tip to get your little one writing! 

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5 Free Reading Strategies

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