Incorporating fun seasonal activities into the curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 2 kids is essential for their holistic development. These activities make learning more engaging and enjoyable, fostering a love for education from an early age. Seasonal themes can be integrated into hands-on phonics activities and games, such as using autumn leaves for letter matching or creating winter-themed word hunts, which enhance literacy skills in a playful manner. Writing activities, like composing springtime poems or holiday cards, help develop fine motor skills and encourage creativity. These experiences not only enrich academic learning but also build social skills, boost confidence, and provide memorable moments that make learning exciting and relevant to the world around them.

Play Dough Colour Cards

Hey, I’m Kaley!

I am so happy that you’re here! Hey, I’m Kaley and I’m a literacy specialist, former Kindergarten teacher, and an imperfect mom to 4 young kids.

Let's help your kids learn how to read with simple, hands-on ideas following the Science of Reading.

As a mom and a teacher, I get it. It’s not always easy to find ways to help our kids read (and write).

Truth is - reading MUST be taught. It takes time, but with proper instruction, guidance, and (some) commitment, we can do it!
Each child CAN learn. It is up to us to TEACH kids HOW to read.

I’m here to help you! Let's get started :)