5 CVC Word Activities that will help improve kids reading!

What are CVC words?
(this May help your learner read 3 letter words! )

After kids know around 8-10 sounds, they can start blending and reading 3 letter words, otherwise known as CVC words. CVC, which stands for “Consonant-Vowel-Consonant,” are three-letter words that consist of a consonant sound, followed by a short vowel sound, and ending with another consonant sound. These simple words play a significant role in teaching kids how to blend and segment sounds, ultimately paving the way for proficient reading. In this blog, we will explore what CVC words are and provide exciting hands-on activities to help kids learn and practice them.

Understanding CVC Words

  • Short Vowels: CVC words are typically used to teach children about short vowel sounds. Short vowel sounds are the basic, single vowel sounds that are heard in words like “cat,” “dog,” and “sun.” The short vowels are A, E, I, O, and U.
  • Structure of CVC Words: CVC words follow a simple structure: Consonant + Vowel + Consonant. 
  • Here are some examples for each short vowel:
    • Short “a”: cat, bat, hat
    • Short “e”: bed, red, pen
    • Short “i”: pig, lid, sit
    • Short “o”: dog, log, box
    • Short “u”: run, sun, cup

Fun CVC Activities for Kids

  • Word Building with Letter Tiles: Provide letter tiles or magnetic letters and a list of CVC words. Encourage kids to build the words by placing the correct letters in order. This hands-on activity helps them visualize the word structure.
  • CVC Bingo: Create bingo cards with CVC words instead of numbers. Call out the words, and children can mark them on their cards. This game not only reinforces word recognition but also makes learning fun.
  • Word Family Houses: Introduce the concept of word families (e.g., -at, -ed, -ig). Draw houses on paper and write the word family ending on the roof. Then, let kids fill in the houses with different CVC words sharing the same word family ending.
  • CVC Word Puzzles: Create puzzles by writing each CVC word on a piece of cardstock paper, then cutting it into individual letters. Children must assemble the letters to spell the complete word.
  • CVC Word Hunt: Take kids on a CVC word hunt around the house or classroom. Give them a list of CVC words to find in books, on labels, or in everyday objects. This activity reinforces word recognition in real-life contexts.
  • CVC Word Playdough: Use playdough to mold each letter of a CVC word. Kids can roll the playdough into snakes and shape them into the letters to create words. This tactile experience enhances learning.
  • CVC Word Rhyming: Teach kids about rhyming words by grouping CVC words that share the same word endings. For example, “cat,” “hat,” and “mat” all rhyme and have the same -at word family.


Mastering CVC words is a crucial step in a child’s early reading journey. These simple three-letter words, consisting of a consonant, a short vowel, and another consonant, serve as building blocks for literacy. By engaging in hands-on CVC activities like word building, bingo, and word hunts, children can have fun while developing their phonemic awareness and reading skills. Encourage your little learners to explore the world of CVC words, and watch as they grow into confident readers.

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