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Let's build little readers who THRIVE

Give your child a strong reading foundation to succeed both at home and in school, using Science of Reading based activities and strategies.

Welcome, to leaping into learning

Hey, I'm Kaley

I’m a Literacy Specialist and a mom of 4 young kids who are all different learners. 

Reading is not natural. It is something that must be taught, and I’m a big believer that when given the proper tools, all kids can learn how to read. 

I am here because I believe in your child and I believe in you. Let’s give your child the foundation they need, the strategies they need and the practice they need to learn the first 26 sounds of the english language (there are 44 sounds – more reading courses coming soon!). 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

"kaley's method transformed
my daughters reading!"

“I was so overwhelmed and my daughter was behind in reading. She was exhausted at the end of the day and kept saying how much she hated reading. We took Kaley’s reading program and it changed my outlook on how to help teach her. She began reading 2 and 3 letter words within a few weeks of enrolling. Thank you, Kaley!”

- Tammy


Take the first steps to making sure your child is set-up for success. 

Have a step-by-step plan to teaching your child the sounds A-Z with hands-on activities. 

Learn how to blend 2 and 3 letter words! 

Reading can happen anywhere! You will receive TONS of hands-on multi-sensory activities that you can print and use with your reader over and over. 


Learning the ABCs

Give kids a solid foundation to learning the first 26 sounds of the Alphabet, following a Science of Reading approach! 

What's inside:



Step by step easy instructions

Kaley's secret tips

Kaley has taught hundreds of parents, educators and Students how to read! she will be sharing her special tips in this section! 

  • What order should we teach sounds? 
  • How do we teach Short Vowels? 
  • How many sounds should we learn at once? 
  • How to blend 2 letter words together? 
  • How to blend 3 letter words together? 


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Step-by-Step Videos

Stop guessing and start learning

Watch it in action! Kaley will show you a bunch of great videos of learning in progress. Here you will be able to understand and get ideas on how to help teach your child how to read without the complicated stuff! 

  • Module highlight here
  • Module highlight here
  • Module highlight here



Step-by-Step lessons

Stop guessing and start teaching!

One of the most requested sections: Step-by-Step instructions of HOW to teach sounds! 

  • Lesson plans made for EVERYONE (you don’t need ANY teacher training) 
  • Step-by-step instructions so you know exactly how to teach your little one.
  • Simplified approach to teaching kids the sounds A-Z



Everything you need in one place!

Hands-on, multi-sensory activities

Science of Reading aligned, hands-on activities

  • Each letter has hands-on activities that will help kids: 
  • Learn the sounds 
  • Use playdough to make the letters
  • Matching upper and lowercase letters. 
  • Sorting words that start with the sounds and words that don’t. 

A $300 value all for $97

Learning the ABCs

I believe in your child. I believe in your reader. And I believe in YOU! Only 10 minutes a day can make all the difference. Let’s take this step together to help your child become a thriving reader! 

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When you subscribe, you’ll have access to tons of great tips and more freebies! See you on the inside!