Orthographic Mapping

If you’re looking for ways to help kids build knowledge, understanding and strong reading skills, this is a lesson you CANNOT miss! So what’s the secret sauce? There’s a complicated process that all kids go through when transitioning into readers – called Orthographic mapping. That is the process of moving from (1) seeing letters and learning their sounds (phonemic awareness) to (2) sounding out those letters (phonemes) within the order of a word, to (3) saying/hearing the word!


When frequently used words become “sight words”

Orthographic mapping is one of the most powerful ways to teach kids how to “map” words, taking them from sounds to words with meaning.

Letter Sounds —> Blending sounds together —> Words —> Meaning —> FUN!


So how do we “map” words?

Understanding the high level process for learning how to read, it clarifies the importance of all the building blocks along the way (phonemic awareness, blends, CVC words) that prepare kids for making that magical leap from sounds to words. 

Repetition of the building blocks of letter sounds, simple words, rhyming are all used to give kids the tools and comfort to make the leap between these little skills and seeing/hearing the words. Ensuring we give kids the strongest foundation of phonemic skills will enable them to approach the stage of reading with confidence. there are two other blogs that I LOVE that talk further about this topic. Here is a link to Orton Gillingham and to Sarah’s snippets.


Orthographic Mapping + Phonics:

Each child learns differently and by finding ways that help them learn, makes all the difference. Slow down, break up the words into their sounds, and make sure to isolate sound patterns like – th, ow, fl, ar, etc. Step-by-step we can make a difference!

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