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Are you trying to help kids read and they’re just not “getting it”? Or are you a parent that is trying to help their child learn how to read and the books that they’re getting from school are just not working! I want you to know that you are NOT alone and there is a solution

These Decodable books are an integral part of helping kids read and all phonics programs. Instead of memorizing “sight words” and guessing from pictures, kids are learning how to read with building blocks through systematic, explicit instruction. 

What are decodable texts? They are books and/or texts that follow an order of phonics so that kids are building their phonics skills without guessing and/or memorizing words. 


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This resource comes in 3 forms: 

  • Printable decodable book in black and white
  • Printable decodable book in colour
  • Interactive BOOM cards that can be played on a tablet

Here are the activities that are included in this resource: -ob/-ot

  • High frequency words practice: to, be, go, not (There’s an activity in this book with further explanation of the words be/go. They’re “open syllables” – the vowel says its name.)
  • High frequency words printable practice sheets (mapping words + science of reading aligned)
  • 2 Rhyming activities
  • Decodable reader with dots under each word to help kids track and read each word
  • 3 differentiated follow-up comprehension activities
  • Follow-up short comprehension story with answer questions
  • Short story + Adult Data tracker to help catch anything that your reader(s) might need to work on

SAVE and BUNDLE! There are 15 other CVC Decodable Books that are part of this bundle (16 decodable texts with follow-up activities!).  Grab it HERE! 

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