{Free} Reading Log Template: How and WHY I use reading logs!

I love teaching my students to read! I love watching that little light bulb go off (over and over) and seeing them develop into independent readers. Guided reading – reading texts that are at an appropriate level so a student can understand and enjoy the story – is an essential component to any reading program. It not only helps teach children excellent reading strategies, but also (hopefully) gives them a true love for reading. The perfect complement to guided reading is choosing topics that the student has a passion for, so the subject matter is engaging for the student. If we can appropriately assess each readers level and identify the subject matters that are of interest to them the amazing power of reading may do all the work for us. And then, to close the loop, I love using this reading log printable along with my guided reading lessons.

I love using this reading log alongside my guided reading. When I plan my guided reading activity and guided reading lessons, I use a reading log to encourage students to continue reading both at home and at school! I find it encourages healthy and fun reading habits right from the start that can be used by students and their caregivers! 

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I like to pair this with Guided Reading strategies! Click HERE to see more!

Why are Reading Logs helpful?

I find that using a reading log alongside guided reading helps to increase guided reading levels because it shows students their cumulative progress, makes students accountable for reading each book and then choosing the next one, and finally rewards them for their success in their reading development!

Weekly Reading Logs:

Reading logs are a simple yet effective strategy that can be used alongside your guided reading lesson plans. In my classroom, reading log printable are paired with a reward system, like a sticker system so each student can benefit from filling up their reading log. I am always trying to find ways to motivate my students while creating an inclusive and supportive environment. I try and avoid any competition in their area, so it isn’t about getting to the reward first, but just getting there at all.

When I teach guided reading or plan my guided reading lessons, I always try to incorporate this reading log template. I think reading logs help to increase guided reading levels because they encourage kids to read more! The more reading the better!  

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After students have read a book (either guided, independent or shared), we write the name of the book down together and rate it (depending on the reading log template). I ask students to do a follow up activity of either writing or drawing a picture related to the story.

Using Reading Logs at home!

As one of my guided reading strategies, I send home reading logs with my students alongside their guided reading books. First, of course, I run a guided reading activity with my students, where we work in small groups on specific reading skills. A formal guided reading session is critical to ensure students get the appropriate ‘at level’ readers. I always like to incorporate comprehension skills, so I ask students to write a sentence (or a few sentences) or draw a picture about the story (their favorite part, making a connection, etc). Once the guided reading levels have been established, I like to find out what the latest and greatest topics of interest are for each student and then do my best to locate the perfect guided reading books. The better the book, the better the outcome. The more guided reading books on the reading log – the quicker the reward….and then you have built a virtuous cycle that ends with kids staying up late with a flashlight and reading – independent reading nirvana!

For Grade one and up, reading becomes just part of the daily lesson and it's always fun to try to encourage kids to read more! Guided reading lessons help facilitate strong guided reading strategies. By using this reading log, I notice a huge jump in guided reading levels and guided reading books. I love sending this reading log printable home as well. It's an activity that the whole family can do.

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Using Reading Logs in Kindergarten & Grade One

For early readers and kids in Kindergarten and Grade one, we use a reading log that is shared with parents. I find it helpful to have parents involved in their kids learning, and this is a quick and easy way to know what your child is doing in class! For this reading log printable, parents/students write the date, book title and then sign off when they’re done! Parents also have the opportunity to comment and let me know if the book is too easy, just right or too hard.

For students in Grade one and up, I love to get their feedback! Their reading log has Number (what number book are you on), Book Title, and Rating. Students LOVE using the rating part and it helps me, as an educator, to know what their interests are!

Grab the FREE Reading Log below!

Developing a love for learning through fun and engaging guided reading strategies and activities can be simple and easy! To download this Reading Log Printable click HERE.

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