Sight Word Activities for Kindergarten

Sight word Activities for Kindergarten: Sight words are high frequency words that are commonly seen throughout the English language. Often, the mistake with teaching sight words is that kids are encouraged to memorize sight words. The issue is that most people have trouble memorizing things just by sight. I’m sure we can all remember the varied strategies we have used over the years to try and memorize different things. Everyone is different – and it sometimes requires a creative approach and open mind to find out how your brain best retains information. Our kids…well they need our help to find the right strategies. There are a plethora of activities that are available to help children develop their sight word vocabulary (i.e. to help them memorize these words). I’ve created this sight words printable (free) resource so that children can practice their sight words while storing them into their long term memory.  

Sight Words For Kindergarten are always a great debate and anxiety for many teachers and parents. How will I get my students to know these? Are my kids behind if they aren't "catching on"? What's the best way to teach sight words? For me, it's always been connecting sight words through phonological awareness and phonics activities! 

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Sight Words: Dolch Lists 1-4

In order to help kids learn sight words in a way that I think helps develop strong literacy skills, my sight words printable free resource that is packed with tons of multi-layered strategies and activities that access different intelligences (which just means different ways of thinking). I focus on:

  • Pre-K sight words
  • Kindergarten with words
  • 1st Grade sight words
  • 2nd Grade sight words
Sight word senteces are a great way for students to learn sights in many different ways: Auditory, visual, and putting them into context, which allows them to store the words into their long term memory! This resource packs phonemic awareness skills while learning sight words. It's perfect for Kindergarten 1

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Sight word activities for kindergarten – Grade One really help with phonological awareness. Read more about this resource HERE!

Sight word Activities:

Here is how I implement these strategies that are sure to give your students and/or children a boost in their literacy and phonemic awareness skills!

Step 1:

Choose a sight word or sight word list that your child/student is working on. If your child is just starting out, I would focus on the Pre-K list and pick 1 word to start off with. I am a BIG believer in pairing reading and writing. When students put things in context, it increases their comprehension skills and takes their learning from SEEING to DOING.

Step 2:

After they pick a sight word, they write it down. ** Little tip: I always put a little turtle at the place where students should start writing. This really helps teach kids proper directionality when learning how to read and write.

Sight Word Games

Next have them stamp the words! I love finding different manipulative for sight word games and activities! I find when we use different manipulatives, children are more inclined to participate and be excited for the task at hand. If you don’t have stamps, you could use letter stickers or simply have them write the words again. Insert stamps picture here

Students must then put the words in a sentence! I am a big believer that reading and writing go hand in hand! The task of putting words in a sentence can be confusing for many kids at the beginning, so practice before. And don’t be afraid to give them a few examples with a pattern – that is an excellent way to make the learning leap here.

After practicing putting the sight words in a sentence (orally), encourage your child to write their own sentence. Once they do this a few times, you’ll notice that it will become second nature. Make sure they follow a writing checklist (you can see the one that I’ve created here) to develop strong writing skills right from the beginning!

I have also included blank elementary writing paper in this resource. You can use this paper at your own leisure. I often ask students to use their sight words in a sentence or use a few sight words in sentences. I than always follow up with a picture! When students draw a picture, it helps them gain a deeper understanding to what they were writing and learning about.


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