Snowman Winter Book For Preschoolers (+First Grade)

I was desperately looking for a new snowman book for preschoolers when I came across this book “The Most Perfect Snowman”. Our classroom has been in full-tilt winter mode for the past month and I am on a constant lookout for any and all winter crafts and now snowman crafts. Having a great subject, like the snowman book, is so useful for our January crafts. Of course, the Free Snowflake matching game, which is helping us develop strong phonemic awareness skills, is an excellent winter activity for preschoolers that doesn’t require a winter book – but that’s the exception! There is truly a plethora of winter crafts for kids that involve creativity, fine motor development, and just fun – but I always love to pair books with activities for maximum literacy impact. So, for our snowman crafts and winter crafts we needed to find the most perfect snowman winter book for preschoolers!

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Snowman Winter book for Preschoolers: 

I love this snowman book for so many reasons! In this book, the snowman is made to feel different than his peers just because he looks different. He doesn’t have a scarf, hat, arms, etc. and this makes him feel less than the other snowmen. Along comes a bunch of kids who dress him up and make him feel great about himself! He was feeling ecstatic about his new look as a snowman when a little rabbit came along and needed his warm clothing more. As a kind gesture, he saved the rabbit’s life and realized that these material things don’t matter. Being kind matters the most. What great lessons and so much empathy all packed into a short story – feeling different, being kind to strangers, paying it forward, and coming to realize what is truly important in life.

Winter activity for Preschoolers and First grade: 

As a class we brainstormed what made this snowman special and why. We then decided that we had to make our own snowman and give that snowman super powers and made sure that each snowman was special and different in his and her own way! 

Snowman Craft: 

For this snowman craft, students were able to pick between a stencil or could cut out the circles. They then had to make their snowman special and different in their own separate way. I also gave the kids tons of materials like cotton balls, cut up tissue paper and wrapping paper, markers, and much more, so they could choose which winter craft they wanted to use.  This activity helps with strengthening fine motor skills, organization, and creativity! 

If you are interested in purchasing the snowman writing paper, please find the resource below! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Snowman winter book for Preschools (and First Grade+).

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